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Finding an investment that’s right for you

Updated: May 7

The investment must hold up by its own merit as well as complement other assets in your portfolio.

We spend a great deal of time looking at each investment in the portfolio and whether it complements or hinders the overall portfolio strategy. A typcial strategy maybe capital growth, index-linked income generation or a mix of both. Investment horizon is crucial in the decision making process. Most of our clients have a hold period of 5-10 years with some clients holding assets for 20+ years.

Market Trends

It's vital to look ahead, identify trends early and adjust the portfolio accordingly.

Risk appetite is the primary factor and drives overal strategy, the return whether over long-term or short-term must be commensturate with the inherent risk of each asset. Overall risk for the portfolio can be adjusted by holding a range of risks, this requires conitnuous monitoring to ensure the portfolio is balanced and still reflects the investor's risk level.

Size does not matter

Our clients' assets range from small high street shops to large logistics centres let out to major companies with a global presence. Each asset has the potential to deliver outstanding returns if bought with thorough due-diligence and the right strategy in mind.


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