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A look ahead to 2021 and beyond

Updated: May 7, 2020

Despite the near-term challenges, property has always provided excellent returns over the longer time horizon. Time and again, the UK property market has out-performed any other asset class including bonds and equities.

In times of volatility property can provide a better safe haven than any other asset. Unlike gold, there is an income stream, usually index-linked. The transactional process is drawn out and cannot compete with the instant purchase/sale of bonds and equities. However, the long process of legals and due-diligence provides certainty about value of assets which are based on evidence and not sentiment.

Looking ahead

Long-term fundamentals remain strong. Population growth continues with increasing demand for services and accomodation.

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Beyond the current crisis

Investment decisions must be made with a long time horizon. The current volatile climate will provide excellent investment opportunities. Overall fundamentals of the world economy remain strong, with China and South Korea conintuing to return to daily life the other major economies will follow in time. There is likely to be a significant pent-up demand for quality assets in 2021 and beyond.

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